Sports Achievements
“All work & no play makes a Jack a dull boy” and this for the all round development of students personality, student are encouraged to take part in games & sports. During the current session under the able guidance of Dr. P. S Bajwa, H O D, Physical Education dept, following activities are organized





1) Inter-Class Volley Ball Tournament 15/9/2015-17/9/2015 Team of class B. A.-IIIrd year
2) Inter-Class Chess Tournament 18/10/2015 Team of class B. A.-Ist year
3) Inter-Class Kabaddi Tournament 19/10/2015 Team of class B.A.-IInd year
4) Inter-Class Carom Broad Tournament 20/10/2015 Team of class B.A.-Ist year
5) Inter-Class Tug of war 21/10/2015 Team of M. A.-I (History)
6) Skipping Competition (for girls) 05/03/2016 Pooja, B.A.-IInd (Individual)

1. Inter College Ball Badminton tournament 2015-16 was held on 15-10-2015 to 16-10-2015. Our College team participated, win silver medal & 2nd position (Runner-up) in this competition.
2. Inter College Kabaddi National style competition 2015-16 was held on 10-09-2015 to 13-09-2015. Our college team participated & win, 2nd position in zone in this competition.
3. Inter College Cricket tournament 2015-16 was held on 29-10-2015 to 06-11-2015. Our College team participated & win, 2nd Position in zone in this competition.
4. Inter College Foot Ball competition 2015-16 was held on 28-10-2015 to 03-11-2015. Our College team participated & win 2nd position in zone in this competition.
5. Inter College Annual Athletic meet 2015-16 was held on 26-11-2015 to 29-11-2015. Our college team participated in annual Athletic meet Punjab University Chandigarh.