Under Graduate Courses


Eligibility Requirements :
Students who have passed 10+2 examination from any recognized board may seek admission to BA part -1.

Three Elective Subjects out of the following :
1. English/Hindi/ Punjabi/ Sanskrit
2. Economics
3. Mathematics/History
4. Political Science
5. Office Management & Secretarial Practices (OM&SP)
6. Physical Education
7. Comp. Sci.
Compulsory Subjects:
1. English
2. Punjabi
3. Environment and Road Safety Education

Subjects for BA-II & BA-III are same, except the subject at No. a (3)
Combination of subjects not allowed :

1.Combination of two languages is not allowed (However students of Sanskrit can opt. for any other language)
2.Maths with History/Political Science
3.Physical Education with Maths/Eco./English (Elective)/Sanskrit
4.Office Management & Secretarial Practices with Maths/History
5.History with Computer Science and OM & SP
6.Computer Science & Office Management & Secretarial Practices
Note:If the number of students offering a particular subject is less then ten, it may not be allowed.


Career Options : This course facilitates the students for higher education and research in diverse scientific areas. Moreover B.Sc. graduates can find wide range of job opportunities in various fields. Apart from teaching research, banking and insurance, they can find jobs in private & public sector companies according to their skills and interest.
Eligibility Requirements : Student who have passed 10+2 examination from any recognized board may seek admission to B.Sc.-I

Course Contents :

B.Sc.-1st Semester
a) Compulsory Punjabi
b) Environmental Studies and three elective subjects : Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or Physics, Maths and Computer Science
1. B.Sc. II & III same elective subjects as in B.Sc.-I but English as compulsory subject at B.Sc. II level will have to be studied.


No. of Seats : 40
Career Options: Rewarding careers as programmers in various public and private organisations are offered by IT industry. A graduate of Computer Application can explore his prospects as Software Engineer, Software Consultant, Database Administrator, Test engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Web Designer and Content Writer, Game Developer in various outstanding MNCs, Associate in Banking and Insurance Sectors. Computer Application and Computer Science graduate can also pursue teaching profession in Public as well as Private and Govt. Educational Institutions. A graduate in Computer Application can also go for MBA.
Eligibility Requirements :
1. A candidate who has passed 10+2 examination in any discipline with atleast 50percent marks shall be eligible to join BCA-1.
2. To join BCA-I a candidate must have passed Mathematics as one of the subjects in Matriculation Examination.

Course Contents :

BCA-1st Semester
(BCA-101) English (Comp.) (A)
(BCA-102) Punjabi & History & Culture of Punjab-A
(BCA-103) Mathematics in Computer Software-1
Environment & Road Safety Education
(BCA-104) Computing Software
(BCA-105) Computer Lab:Based on BCA-104
BCA-2nd Semester
(BCA-201) English (Comp.) (B)
(BCA-202) Punjabi & History & Culture of Punjab-B
(BCA-203) Mathematics in Computer Science
(BCA-204) Computer programming and problem solving through ‘C’
(BCA-205) Computer Lab :Based on BCA-204
BCA-3rd Semester
(BCA-301) Computer Based Numerical Methods
(BCA-302) Data Structures
(BCA-303) Implementation of Object Oriented concept through C++
(BCA-304) Computer Lab.: Based on BCA – 301, BCA – 302 and BCA–303
BCA-4th Semester
BCA-401 Project Management & System Development
BCA-402 Client Server Computing using ORACLE
BCA-403 Understanding UNIX
BCA-404 Computer Lab.: Based on BCA-402 and BCA-403

*(BCA-V and Vl) New Syllabus will be Provided at the Website of Punjab University


No. of Seats 40
Career Options : Bachelors of Business Administration can go for further studies in MBA, MCA, M.Sc. IT and post graduate diplomas in various application like Finance, IT etc. They can go for certificate course like IC WAL, CA, IT Courses from institutes like NIIT, Aptech & Network related courses like Sap etc. They have a no. of jobs in Traditional Sphere and the newly emerging corporate sector. As effective Managers, they can secure position of management trainees in the corporate sector. Infact they have golden opportunities for a bright & secure future.
Eligibility Requirements : A candidate who has passed 10+2 examination in any discipline with at least 50 percent marks shall be eligible to join BBA-I.

Course Contents :

BBA 101A/B Punjabi or History and Culture of Punjab
BBA 102 Business Statistics
BBA 103 Fundamentals of Information of Technology
BBA 104 Management Concepts and Practices
BBA 105 Financial Accounting
BBA 106 Essential of Business Economics – l
BBA 121A/B Punjabi or History and Culture of Punjab
BBA 122 Managerial and Soft Skills Management
BBA 123 Essential of Business Economics – ll
BBA 124 Business Laws
BBA 125 Psychology for Managers
BBA 126 Financial Management
BBA 201 English and Business Communication Research
BBA 202 Operation Research
BBA 203 Marketing Management
BBA 204 Economics of Money and Banking
BBA 205 Regulatory Framework for Companies
BBA 206 Direct Tax Laws
BBA 221 English and Business Communication Skills
BBA 222 Project Management
BBA 223 Research Methodology
BBA 224 Human Resource Management
BBA 225 Indirect Tax Laws
BBA 226 Database Management System
BBA 301 Insurance and Risk Management
BBA 302 International Businesses
BBA 303 Business Environment
BBA 304 Enterpreneurship and Small Business Management
For Next Two Papers, Student can opt. One Area out of the Three Areas: (Optn Paper)
BBA 305 Consumer Behavior
BBA 306 Sales and Distribution Management
BBA 307 Financial Markets and Services
BBA 308 Investment Management
BBA 309 Social Security and Labour Welfare
BBA 310 Industrial Relations and Labour Legislation
BBA 321 Business Policy and Strategy
BBA 322 Production and Operations Management
BBA 323 Social and Ethical Issues in Business
BBA 324 Projects Report & Viva Voce
Student to Continue with the same Option As in Fifth Semester
BBA 325 Advertising and Brand Management
BBA 326 Marketing of Services
BBA 327 Cost Analysis and Control
BBA 328 Accounting for Management
BBA 329 Human Resource Planning and Performance Management
BBA 330 Compensation Management


No. of Seats 70
Career Options : Bachelors of Commerce get wide career opportunities in banking, insurance, public and private sector undertaking Taxation Department and Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries. They can also go for C.A., Cc, I.C.W.A and Law. Commerce graduates can also become entrepreneurs with their own manufacturing and retailing units.
Eligibility Requirements : Students who have passed 10+2 examination from any recognized board may seek admission to B.Com. part-I.

Scheme of B.Com. Course

B.Com.-1st Semester
(BCM-101) Punjabi or History and Culture of Punjab
(BCM-102) English and Business Commuincation
(BCM-103) Interdisciplinary Psychology for managers
(BCM-104) Business Economics
(BCM-105) Principles of Financial Accounting
(BCM-106) Commercial Laws
(BCM-107) Principles and Practices of Management
B.Com-II Semester
(BCM-201) A/B Punjabi/History and Culture of Punjab
(BCM-202) English and Business Communication
(BCM-203) Inter Disciplinary E – Commerce
(BCM-204) Business Economics – ll
(BCM-205) Corporate Accounting
(BCM-206) Business Laws
(BCM-207) Human Resources Management Environment and Road Safety Education
B.Com-III Semester
BCM 301 Inter Disciplinary Issues in Indian Commerce
BCM 302 Cost Accounting
BCM 303 Company Law
BCM 304 Business mathematics and Statistics
BCM 305 Banking and Insurance
BCM 306 Indirect Tax Laws
B.Com-IV Semester
BCM 401 Inter Disciplinary Security analysis and Portfolio Management
BCM 402 Advanced Accounting
BCM 403 Auditing and Secretarial Practice
BCM 404 Cost Management
BCM 405 Marketing Management
BCM 406 Quantitative Techniques and Methods
B.Com-V Semester
BCM 501 Income Tax Law
BCM 502 Management Accounting
BCM 503 Indian Economy
BCM 504 Production and Operation Management
BCM 505 Enterpreneurship and Small Business
BCM 506 Financial Market and Services
B.Com-VI Semester
BCM 601 Direct Tax Laws
BCM 602 Financial Management
BCM 603 Issues in Financial Reporting
BCM 604 Social and Business Ethics
BCM 605 Operational Research
BCM 606 Sectional Aspects of Indian Economy