Add – On Courses

Add-on Courses (Career-Oriented Courses)

Names of the Courses :
1. Fashion Designing
2. Cosmetology and skin care
3. Communicative English
4. Insurance Business
5. Computer Based Accounting

Eligibility Requirements :

All under graduate students can opt for any of these courses. They are awarded certificates after one year of completion, a diploma after two years and degree or advanced diploma after 3 years.

Career Options:

Fashion designing

A creative and challenging field provides an ample job and self employed business opportunity to a trained professional in fashion technology. Many businesses like boutique and tailoring shops have huge prospects and can be setup by a qualified person in this field.

Computer Based Accounting

The manual accounting systems have become gradually ineffective and inadequate for efficient decision making. Consequently, public and private sector firms in both developing and developed economies view computer based accounting as a vehicle to ensure effective and efficient information flow in the recording, processing, and analyzing of financial data. Effective and efficient information flow enhances managerial decision-making, thereby increasing the prospects of growth and survival of firm. So, add on course in computer based accounting will equip students to exploit opportunities. A person with adequate knowledge in this field has lot many job opportunities and has a big role to play in the growth of a developing economy.


This era of beauty culture provides an ample job and self-employment business opportunity to a trained professional in cosmetology. A trained professional of this field can easily set up his/her own saloon or spa. A creative and challenging field, this would make one a part of a booming and buzzing arena of personal grooming. The beauty practitioners and aestheticians are trained in skills of beauty treatments and therapy, hair care and hair dressing, make up, nail and tattoo art.

Insurance Business

This field deals with all policy matters relating to bank’s credit- linked self -employment programs. Here, the main objective of insurance lies in spreading life insurance much more widely and in particular, to the rural areas, in providing them financial cover at a reasonable cost. Add on course in this field will provide adequate exposure to operational environment in the field of Banking Insurance and other related financial services which enable them to exploit opportunities, being newly created, in the field of Insurance Business due to Globalization, Privatization and Liberalization.

Communicative English

A certificate in Communicative English enables students to converse fluently in English. It also helps students to obtain the required points in IELTS to go abroad.